Payroll Specialist

Role Title:
Payroll Specialist
Needham, MA
Job Advert Description

To ensure accurate processing and recording of the company’s payroll, provide timely and accurate financial information, and participate in daily data entry Payroll processing for 2000 employees. Process weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payrolls for United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada employees of exempt and non-exempt statuses. Enter timesheets, changes, and approvals. Provide research, support, and customer service for all aspects of the business with emphasis on Retail.

What You’ll Be Doing:


  1. Processes and keys employee changes, new hires, and terminations for Clarks Americas employees in the Payroll/HR system, which includes multiple states in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, as well as local Group function employees for 5 separate pay groups
  2. Monitors and updates time and attendance system exceptions, accruals, and hours.
  3. Manages Dayforce forms workflow for transactions requiring payroll approval to ensure accurate and timely approvals
  4. Ensure employee time and imports into the Payroll/HR system for pay
  5. Communicate issues regarding the retail system and time and attendance. 
  6. Calculate specific final pay for terminations according to jurisdictional, state, and federal law
  7. Run weekly reports from the Payroll/HR system, time and attendance system, and financial system to ensure Payroll data is correct in each system.
  8. Imports files for vacation, annual reviews, etc., for an efficient load of extensive data
  9. Provides communication to Americas geography employee base of 2,000 employees regarding payroll inquiries and issues.
  10. Coordinates and processes special payments and off-cycle checks with the Payroll Supervisor and Finance.
  11. Trains, supports and provides customer service for all systems affecting pay. 
  12. Monthly/quarterly reporting to governmental agencies as required by law.
  13. Establish proper jurisdictional tax setup for all employees.
  14. Establish an accurate garnishment setup for employees.

What You’ll Bring with You:

Knowledge of the payroll process and Dayforce HCM

•              Payroll industry standards

•              Multi-state tax knowledge

•              Compliance knowledge in legislature and regulations surrounding payroll wage and hour law

•              1-3 years of payroll experience required

•              MS Excel and Word proficiency

•              Speak and write English; solid communication, both phone and written

•              Problem-solving skills


•              Ability to work as a team

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