Error Station Analyst - Flex

Role Title:
Error Station Analyst - Flex
Hanover, PA
Job Advert Description

The Error Station Analyst (ESA) is responsible for all functions of an Operative as needed with the primary function of evaluating and resolving source tote errors during the order fulfilment processes.

Hours: Saturday-Tuesday 6:30AM-5:00PM

Core Accountabilities:

  • Operative functions of picking, packing, VAS, Returns, Shipping, Inbound, Decanting, Rework and other related activities as required.
  • Scan Cases at Error Station
  • Determine and resolve issue
  • Adjust inventory as needed
  • Assist with cycle count
  • Route work or physically take to Rework area as needed
  • Blind-receive, as needed
  • Provide support and notification to the supervisor as needed to ensure workflow within the Operational area
  • Support Associates with work flow questions, basic requests, and training/instruction is provided as needed
  • Follow all safety policies and procedures
  • Cross-training in other functional areas as assigned


Key Outputs/Results:

  • Functions within the Operative role are completed accurately and efficiently, according to standard work instructions.
  • Cases are properly scanned at Error Station
  • Issues are resolved in an appropriate manner
  • Inventory is adjusted accurately as required
  • Cycle count is conducted in an efficient and accurate manner
  • Work is rerouted or physically moved to Rework area as appropriate for the circumstances
  • Blind receipts are done as needed, correctly and efficiently
  • Workflow within the Operational area is monitored and issues or concerns are flagged to the supervisor in an expedient manner
  • Associates are assigned to the appropriate work area within the operation and any of their questions are answered or referred to the supervisor if needed. Training support is sufficient to allow the Associate to be successful in their role.
  • Employee works in a safe manner following all established policies and procedures
  • Other functional areas are supported by trained employees and completed accurately


Essential Knowledge:

• High School Diploma or equivalent

• Knowledge of windows based/touch screen computer operating system

• Knowledge of warehouse management systems preferred


Successful Experience:

• 1-3 years in warehouse environment

• 1-3 years in quality control/assurance

• 1-3 years in the operation of warehouse equipment (RF unit)


Technical Skills:

• Organizational skills

• Communication skills

• Analytical skills


Competencies (Behaviors):

• Attention to Detail

• Reasoning and Problem Solving Ability

• Basic Math Competence

• Effective Planning and Organization

• Dependability

• Leadership Qualities

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