IT Service Analyst

Role Title:
IT Service Analyst
Waltham, MA
Job Advert Description

Part of a team that delivers responsive and timely technology services to the global business including the running and ongoing maintenance of the technologies required to deliver Clarks business systems. These technologies will incorporate networks, data centres, data storage, cloud and on-premise servers, Helpdesk services, client devices and telephony and communications.

Supports the management of services that are critical to the delivery of Clarks’ brand and products to our customers and consumers and that enable the business to function. When major service incidents occur, regardless of the time of day, Service Engineers participate in the investigation, analysis and resolution of the issues to ensure that normal service is resumed and that the impact to Clarks’ ability to trade and conduct business is minimised.

What You'll Do:

  1. Monitor and report service levels: Monitor service levels, report on achievements and identify trends. Provide the appropriate management information to aid performance management.
  1. Respond to risk: Respond in a timely manner with effective measures to limit the magnitude of loss from IT-related events.
  1. Monitor and review availability and capacity: Monitor, measure, analyse, report and review availability, performance and capacity. Identify deviations from established baselines. Review trend analysis reports identifying any significant issues and variances, initiating actions where necessary, and ensuring that all outstanding issues are followed up.
  1. Investigate and address availability, performance and capacity issues: Address deviations by investigating and resolving identified availability, performance and capacity issues.
  1. Manage emergency changes: Support the management of emergency changes to minimise further incidents and make sure the change is controlled and takes place securely. Verify that emergency changes are appropriately assessed and authorised after the change.
  1. Identify and record current assets: Maintain an up-to-date and accurate record of all IT assets required to deliver services and ensure alignment with configuration management and financial management.
  1. Monitor IT infrastructure: Monitor the IT infrastructure and related events. Store sufficient chronological information in operations logs to enable the reconstruction, review and examination of the time sequences of operations and the other activities surrounding or supporting operations.
  1. Verify, approve and fulfil service requests: Select the appropriate request procedures and verify that the service requests fulfil defined request criteria. Obtain approval, if required, and fulfil the requests. Record, classify and prioritise requests and incidents.
  1. Investigate, diagnose and allocate incidents: Identify and record incident symptoms, determine possible causes, and allocate for resolution.
  1. Resolve and recover from incidents: Document, apply and test the identified solutions or workarounds and perform recovery actions to restore the IT-related service.

What You'll Bring With You:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent of knowledge acquired through experience, other qualifications and training/development.
  • Experience developing and implementing innovative solutions at an operational, tactical and strategic level.
  • Strong and credible leadership, able to pull people together across different services and systems and motivate them to deliver common aims and targets.
  • Good understanding of developing trends in the industry and related technologies to provide a context for the development of Clarks strategy.
  • Strong analytical and conceptual reasoning skills and highly effective communication skills – ability to articulate complex issues and concepts to a wide range of recipients both written and verbally.
  • Ability to build, maintain and utilize relationships with key internal and external stakeholders to achieve optimum business goals.
  • Collaborative working style with a clear and relentless focus on delivering outcomes
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