Demand and Operations Coordinator

Role Title:
Demand and Operations Coordinator
Waltham, MA
Job Advert Description

The Demand and Operations Coordinator will partner with the Customer Service team to actively manage the Wholesale order pool, with a particular focus on Independent Specialty customers, maximizing on time delivery and aligning with Supply Chain and Business Unit Planners to track, analyze and report on full scope of supply/demand scenarios. Serve as operational support, onboarding new customers and aiding in the management of customer master data to drive seamless set up and service.



1. Coordinate with Customer Service team to manage daily releases so that customer demand is met on a timely basis, and to ensure fulfilment is level loaded at Logistics Center.

2. Actively manage the Wholesale order pool, with a focus on Independent Specialty, aiding in order entry, inventory requests, order status updates, and return authorizations

3. Report and analyze supply and demand scenarios to identify pack and hold and early release opportunities. Ensure order fulfillment from inception through delivery.

4. Responsible for creating and providing customer specific Adhoc reports based on customer and Sales requirements

5. Responsible for communicating and analyzing supply changes that have specific customer impact, and making informed decisions to adjust priority, move supply, or hold supply from specific customer orders based upon existing supply gaps   

6. Help manage new customer onboarding process & supporting communication, with a continued focus on Independent Specialty customers

7. Aid in handling, interpreting, and cleansing customer data requests before the data is populated into SAP

Skills and Requirements:


• Proficient in Microsoft Excel

• Business Objects/ SAP experience preferred

• Good knowledge of operations, allocations, or customer service environments

• Strong communication skills- written and oral

• Time management/ task prioritization

• Reporting skills from design to execution

• Critical thinking skills to pursue new methods or solutions, and to think outside of the box

• Consideration of ethical principles during objective decision making

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