Logistics Coordinator - 1st shift

Role Title:
Logistics Coordinator - 1st shift
Hanover, PA
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The Logistics Coordinator will support a multi-shift and site operation for inbound and outbound Transportation activities. Responsible for creation of outbound shipments and effectively collaborating with Customers’ Transportation Apparatus, Logistics Operational teams to build loads, prepare necessary documentation for outbound shipments and ensure Yard activities are running smoothly.


Core Accountabilities:

1. Create, distribute and file daily bills of lading and supporting documentation. Update and maintain all Transportation logs and Reports in designated shared folders

2. Build outbound shipments according to Customer Profiles or shipping instructions and in accordance with published Operational Master Schedule, Schedule pick-ups and appointments using preferred customer communication vehicle

3. Complete daily compliance related tasks using multiple systems provided and communicate relevant carryover tasks as part of shift transition

4. Process export paperwork and use third party systems when required to update required information to ensure compliance with US Customs and other government agencies

5. Support Inbound activity with timely and accurate updates on multiple systems concerning last mile milestones; Inspect and validate inbound cargo deliveries following SWI and engage FTZ administrator for discrepancies.

6. Ensure SAP ASNs are bridged into WM systems ahead of Container deliveries to yards and initiate resolution with IT and other team member if gaps exists

7. Create SAP shipments for non-compliance receipts, monitor bridge to WM systems and notify Receiving leads when ASNs can be worked; maintain tracking log of non-compliance activity

8. Adhere to all safety policies and procedures.

9. Special projects or other tasks as assigned by Supervisors


Key Outputs/Results:

1. BOLs and other supporting documents (pick lists) are created, signed and provided to carriers. Documentation maintained for several months locally and in long term storage for 5 years. Up to date information is saved and assessable to all team members

2. Loads are built according to schedule and Carrier appointments are aligned with Master Schedule. Communication is fostered between team and operational staff and external partners.

3. Daily compliance tasks are completed (faxing of BOLs, Packing Lists, e-mailing information to specific wholesale customers) and multiple systems and reports are used to keep order well up to date (cancelling of orders, creating, closing and blocking of shipments, adding carriers, Ship Vias, tours)

4. Export paperwork is processed accurately and timely for proper customs clearance.

5. All systems are accurately updated to reflect status of inbound cargo and yard activities and delivery orders signed. Issues stemming from inbound documentation is handled swiftly with FTZ Administrator

6. ASNs are staged proactively mitigating disruption to Receiving Master Schedule activity.

7. When required, SAP shipments are created, bridged, and effectively communicated to operations to resume receiving process. Log of non-compliance activity is up to date

8. All safety policies are followed ensuring a safe working environment for employees

9. Support is provided as required for team or other departments as specified by manager (such as: inter-company mail, system data maintenance or testing, ordering supplies


Essential Knowledge:

• High School Diploma or equivalent

• Excellent skills in use of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel)

• Knowledge of warehouse management systems preferred


Successful Experience:

• 1 plus years’ experience in the transportation industry

• 2 plus years’ of experience in Customer Service or Warehousing function


Technical Skills:

• Multi-Tasking and Organizational Skills

• Good Interpersonal Skills

• Communication Skills

• Good Mathematical Skills

• Analytical Skills


Competencies (Behaviors):

• Ability to multi-task and prioritize work while being focused in fast paced environment

• Reasoning/problem solving ability

• Excellent attention to detail and follow through of tasks

• Ability to work independently as well as under direction of supervisor

• Able to collaborate well with others in and outside of department

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Flexibility with schedule, with planning, to work overtime as needed or on different work schedule

• Dependable

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