Planning Manager

Role Title:
Planning Manager
Hanover, PA
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Core Accountabilities:

1. Maintain and enhance the Logistics Capacity Planning model (Guardians) based on the various business inputs: incoming supply plan, demand plan by channel, inventory levels, sku counts, inventory splits across facilities. These inputs are measured against Logistics capacity and production constraints to identify risks to service/cost delivery.

2. Develop and maintain the Master Plan model and reporting including: supply/demand inputs; productivity standards by function; agreed capacity levels; labor performance standards. The model is used to determine short and medium term labor hour requirements and to support the operation across the HC and Ryder facilities to deliver Clarks Americas performance targets.

3. Manage daily shift schedule requirements (SHIELD) for all functional activities (inbound, fulfillment, shipping, dispatch, returns, projects) and planned maintenance while engaging operations managers to mitigate real-time deviations to the schedule.

4. Manage the planning function and activities to drive performance against key service pillar KPI’s: OTIF (wholesale), days in the system (Retail), and digital SLA’s; Manage performance risks and optimization as it relates to “small pair” volume, VAS requirements and inventory levels across the HC and Ryder facilities.

5. Lead the Planning Team to drive performance against other Strategic Pillars supporting Safety, People engagement, Cost control.

6. Develop business partner relationships with Customer Service, Supply Chain, Supply Planning, Retail Allocations and other relevant stakeholders, to understand customer requirements and business deliverables.

7. Lead, manage and develop the Planning Team associates


Key Outputs/Results:

1. Using weekly business inputs thru the Supply/Demand match, publish and maintain the Guardians report as the analytical tool for short and long range planning. Risks are identified and mitigated and all business one-off or promotional activities are accounted for. Forecast accuracy is measured and communicated to stakeholders to drive continuous improvement

2. Weekly Master Plan by facility incorporating operational capacities, service targets and ensuring that all seasonal peak requirements are planned, executed

3. Plans for all activities including picking, consolidation, return replenishment, planned maintenance- single operations plan are executed and deviations communicated to the appropriate stakeholders

4. Quality plans deliver service levels at KPI targets or better; facility performance is actively managed to meet SHIELD targets by functional area.

5. Model safe behaviors on and through the team. Lead the engagement activities as identified on the Leadership team. Deliver against Service KPIs from the Continuous Improvement Roadmap. Control costs through the efficient allocation of resources in the Master Plan.

6. Communications and interactions with the customer services function and other relevant stakeholders are effective and customer requirements and business rules are understood.

7. Successfully support cross-functional relationships with business stakeholders, support groups, and all HC activities.


Essential Knowledge:

• Bachelor’s Degree required (or 3-5 years equivalent work experience)

• Good understanding of principles of Distribution Centers, Warehouse and Transport methods.

• Business process management

• Understanding key principles of Business and Warehouse Management Systems.

• Business strategic objections and service requirements.

• Seasonal/event planning and execution.

• Stock management best practices and appropriate / relevant recognized qualification.


Successful Experience:

• At least 5 years of experience of production planning and management, supervisory, and or Sales and Operations planning.

• Distribution center and Warehouse management or other Stock management packages.

• A track history of People Management skills including developing self managed teams.


Technical Skills:

• People management

• Time management

• Analytical skills

• Distribution center and Warehouse management systems

• Business calendar experience

• Forecasting skills

• Microsoft Office - Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc; Access



• Developing independent, empowered teams

• Leadership skills

• Organizational and planning

• Ability to interpret business, financial, and operation information to make decisions

• Communication skills through all levels of this and other organisations

• Problem solving

• Interpersonal skills

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