Receptionist - 3rd shift

Role Title:
Receptionist - 3rd shift
Hanover, PA
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Core Accountabilities:

1. Greet all guests and make appropriate contacts to their sponsors

2. Administer the facility access program and badge assignment, creating and updating badges as required

3. Monitor security cameras alerting appropriate management personnel of security concerns

4. Maintain updated employee rosters for staff on each shift for evacuation purposes

5. Manage employee shoe order program ensuring shoes are removed from the property in the correct manner

6. Coordinate Mail Delivery

7. Assist with company event planning

8. Cross-training in other functional areas as assigned

9. Place orders with existing vendors for office supplies and other supplies as needed for operations and support teams.


Key Outputs/Results:

1. Guests and visitors are greeted professionally, welcomed into our facility and connected with their sponsor

2. Badges are assigned, tracked, activated and/or deactivated properly and in a timely fashion

3. Security cameras are monitored and concerns are reported to appropriate management staff in a timely fashion as appropriate for the level of issue.

4. Emergency evacuation rosters are maintained for all operational areas.

5. Employee shoe order program is managed properly and shoes are not taken back into the facility after pick up.

6. Mail is processed and delivered correctly and timely

7. Support is provided for all company events

8. Other functional areas are supported by trained employees and completed accurately

9. Office and other supplies are properly stocked as required by the operation


Essential Knowledge:

• High School Diploma or equivalent

• Proficiency in use of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel) products

• Knowledge on use of office equipment (copiers, fax, scanners)

• Professional office etiquette Successful Experience:

• 1-3 years previous administrative level experience


Technical Skills:

• Organizational skills

• Communication skills

• Analytical skills

• Microsoft Office products

• Switchboard – multi phone line

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