Maintenance Specialist

Role Title:
Maintenance Specialist
Job Advert Description


Main Purpose:

To reduce downtime of the Automated Storage and Retrieval System cranes by finding a solution to errors created by either mechanical or electrical errors encountered by those cranes or related conveyors. This operator will be trained and certified to clear all errors and maintain the work area, as to reduce downtime and improve crane availability. Housekeeping in the crane areas will also be required.

Core Accountabilities:

  1. Reduce downtime by finding solutions to all errors generated by the equipment in the ASRS crane area. This will include safely climbing ladders while wearing the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment up to heights of 85 feet.
  2. Maintain cleanliness of Automated Storage and Retrieval System crane operations areas.
  3. Clear crane and conveyor jams that require physically removing the jammed product and reinitializing the equipment. Occasionally the Error Specialist will assist Automation Technicians with clearing these jams or minor repairs to the equipment.
  4. Communicate the need for additional assistance by qualified Automation Technicians to help with mechanical or electrical problems with the ASRS cranes or conveyors that go beyond the scope of this position.
  5. Document events and solutions that are made to the equipment to build a database of required work and assist in maintaining reliability of the equipment.  Operate portable computing equipment using a Microsoft windows based operating system.
  6. Cross-training in other functional areas as assigned
  7. Engage in the Continuous Improvement culture
  8. Ensure and maintain a safe work environment



Essential Knowledge:

• High School Diploma or GED.

• Understanding of cause and effect troubleshooting procedures.


Successful Experience:

• 1-3 years industrial maintenance experience helpful.

• Must have a mechanical aptitude and basic understanding of machinery and mechanical systems. Previous work with machines or a maintenance background would be a plus.

• Experience operating personal computers using Microsoft windows based operating system.

• Technical Skills:

• Operation of portable computers using Microsoft windows based operating system.

• Have a willingness to learn about computer controlled machinery and robotics equipment. Will be trained on Knapp and TGW equipment.

• Must have ability to climb ladders up to 85 feet and lift cases weighing up to 55 pounds repetitively. 

• Competencies (Behaviours):

• Ability to work independently as well as under direction of Maintenance Leadperson.

• Communication skills.

• “Get the job done right the first time” mentality.

• “Safety First” work ethic.

• Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.

• Adaptability to work with other members of the maintenance team. • Willingness to work overtime as needed.